Set Free Youth and Family Ministries

Set Free Youth and Familiy Ministries

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Uniquely Investing in the Lives and Eternal Destiny of Youth and Families

Grace Martial Arts Group Mentoring – Equipping youth and families to evangelize non-churched youth of the same gender.

God Is Sending His People

Grace Martial Arts Bible Clubs teach non-violent, conflict-resolution skills that affirm vital, Christian family values. The classes are safe and enjoyable and instill godly-confidence, as well as a sense of humility and disciplined effort to work well with others.

  • "At Risk" Ministry - Blending disadvantaged youth into Grace Martial Arts Bible Clubs. Providing scholarships for children whose parents' life circumstances are difficult and challenging. We need sponsors.
  • Grace Martial Arts Fellowship ( - This website is a solid, grace-centered ministry that supports, equips and trains Christian martial artists to utilize their skills as evangelism and discipling tools for teaching the Life-Changing Message of Jesus Christ.
  • E-Mail Prayer Ministry - Be a prayer partner who is willing to pray for three children every month, by E-mail. Prayer requests and updates will be sent to you via E-mail.
  • Financial Partner (All contributions receive tax-deductible receipts)

Your prayers and support are vital in helping to continue the ministry that the Lord has given us. Please, pray for our nation's lost, destitute, hurting children and families and for the Lord's working in and through this ministry.

(2 Cor. 4:5 & Acts 20:24)

Thank you.

Robert Xavier

Grandmaster Robert Xavier



Yon Ch'uan Martial Arts Curriculum
15 Animal Kung Fu
Hwa-Yu Tai-Chi
Push Hands
Routing Exercises
Martial Arts Weapons

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