Overcomers In Christ

Overcomers In Christ is a ministry that encourages group sharing in a safe confidential environment, while empowering people, through the Holy Spirit, to overcome a variety of hurts and life-controlling problems.

Groups meet Mondays, from 7:00 - 8:15 pm, at the Palma Sola Community Church 8604 - 9th Avenue N.W. Bradenton.

The ministry provides many recovery resources that are grace centered and easy to use. We welcome you to visit and consider inviting a friend to experience God’s unconditional love, acceptance, grace, renewed hope and truth in a safe confidential environment. We also welcome anyone who may desire to learn how to establish and facilitate an OIC group.

OIC groups meet regularly to share the comfort, hope and freedom that they find in the Lord. The group dynamics facilitate personal accountability along with high emphasis on confidentiality. The fellowship provides a safe place for everyone to share feelings that draw people together like a magnet!

No appointment is needed to attend an OIC group.

Robert Xavier

Grandmaster Robert Xavier



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