Mentors Reaching Unreached High-Risk Children

Often the mentor is the only adult who ever has been able to express consistent love and respect in a child's life. The mentor lights up the child's world. It is through that illumination that the child senses God's love and is often drawn to a relationship with Him. The children who are drawn to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are the children who show the most dramatic changes in their lives.

We are not looking for counselors, social workers, or psychologists. We are looking for men and women who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who sense His call on their lives to enter the mission field of one-to-one ministry here in America.

God gave the Church the responsibility to minister to kids and families in need. Set Free Youth and Family Ministries are here to assist the Church in facilitating that ministry. As God calls you, Set Free Ministries will provide you easy-to-use training materials and will help you to begin your match with a child. We will stand by you and assist you in your mentoring ministry.

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Robert Xavier

Grandmaster Robert Xavier



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