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The Grace Martial Arts (GMA) exclusive internal system derives its strength from perfectly balanced whole-body power. This power is achieved with a springy, relaxed posture that is connected in unison with internal energy that spirals through the whole-body movement. Conventional martial arts meets force with external strength; whereas, the GMA system meets force with internal energy that instantaneously redirects the attacker's force back onto himself. Through regular practice, the student acquires startling speed and focused strength. Most importantly, through the GMA system, the student acquires a superior ability to effortlessly and instantaneously redirect an attacker's strength back onto himself. The exclusive self-defense principles of redirection, evasion, quartering, entrapment, absorption and reflection are unique to the Grace Martial Arts system. GMA teaches students to avoid physical force whenever possible, but, when unavoidable, how to ensure personal safety during the escalation of force. Foremost, students are always taught how to use effective alternatives to harsh skills. By having the option of defending themselves without causing the attacker severe bodily harm, students develop immense realistic confidence!

With Grace Martial Arts, you are not only guaranteed to be able to defend yourself. You are Guaranteed to Live Younger! This means you will enjoy a state of optimal health and well-being derived from one of the oldest martial arts systems in the world.

Box Xavier

Ph.D. Robert F. Xavier, 9th Degree Black Belt

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Robert Xavier

Grandmaster Robert Xavier



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