Bible Study

The GMA Bible Club provides highly effective, non-violent self-defense. Scripture memorization and prayer are a part of every class. We at Grace Martial Arts (GMA) recognize that spiritual development of children is, first and foremost, the responsibility of the parent. The GMA curriculum continues to help thousands of children develop the godly, interpersonal skills necessary for experiencing a fulfilling childhood and a bright future.

Our objective is to become parents' trusted ministry friends as they invest in the eternal destiny of their children. Our challenge is to lead children to know the Lord and His Word so well that they will readily call upon Biblical principles to make wise lifestyle choices. Grace Martial Arts Bible Clubs are available for Children, Teens, Adults and Families.

GMA Bible Clubs are available at a number of locations. With classes held at churches throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area, there may already be a Grace Martial Arts class near you! If not, we would love to help you begin an exciting GMA ministry outreach! We can assist you in setting up any of the following programs:

  • After-School Church Programs
  • Camps s Sunday School
  • Neighborhood Outreach
  • Weekend Retreats
  • And Much More

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Grandmaster Robert Xavier



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