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The GMA Black Belt Study Guide with Scriptures
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Grace Martial Arts Stand Against Bullying
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Teaching Kids Protection and Awareness
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Has anyone told you today that they love you? You are a unique, unrepeatable Miracle of God.
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Read the content of the Dictionary of the Gospel and be wonderfully blessed with a hightened understanding of the finished work of Christ and who you are in Him!
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The Finished Work of Christ

Through His finished work on the Cross, the Lord Jesus Christ, living within the believer, has given us all we need to conquer the flesh and live an obedient, fruitful life for His glory. Grace Martial Arts has written an e-book series explaining how the believer is empowered by the risen Christ. Download them for FREE!

Non-Violent Self-Defense

  • Yon Ch'uan Martial Arts
  • 3-Zone Defense Escapes
  • 15-Animal Kung Fu
  • Ancient Weapon Arts
  • Sport Judo
  • Aikido
  • Jukido

In The News

Practice Tai Chi - Get a Bigger Brain!
Can the ancient martial art of T'ai Chi help our brains grow larger? Maybe.
22 June 2012
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Yon Ch'uan Martial Art: The Key to Grace Martial Arts Ministries
9 December 2011
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Adult Classes

Learn Hwa Yu T'ai Chi at the Parrish Florida YMCA!
Mondays and Fridays 11:15AM

Women's Defensive Tactics - a FREE 4-Hour Introductory Course!
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